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Thailand is in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is a land of great natural beauty and bio-diversity. Its wild places vary from high mountain ranges in the North and Northeast, to an alluvial central plain, astonishing rain forest in the south and two coastlines the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand is positioned in a unique biological crossroads where the continent's mountain sweeps down to the plains and sea. It makes the country contained the richest variety of flora and fauna in Asia. You can find animals & plants from Malaysia, Indonesia in the south peninsula and from China & Himalayas in the north. So trekking in Thailand is exciting and amazing for all nature lovers. Most of the wilderness areas are in the national parks, which are scattered all over the country. Visitors can choose to trek in different areas and different seasons of Thailand in which you can appreciate the beauty and charm this land has to offer.

Cool season is the best season for the hiker. The weather is not so hot, cool in high mountains sometimes the
temperature is 5 C or below especially at night.
The trails are not slippery, fewer leaches and bugs,
clear streams, and flowers bloom in some places. Samples of the good places for trekking are : Doi Inthanon, Doi Luang Chiangdao, Doi Lanka,
Doi Pui inthe North, Phu Kradung, Phu Rua in the Northeast, Khao Luang in the South. 

Summer may not be as pleasant as in the cool season but
the forest has its own beauty unlike any in other seasons due to fact that leaves are changing colors
and various wild orchids bloom. The popular places in this season such as Tung Yai, Huay Kakeng in the West, Khao Sok, Halabala in the South.


Rainy season the forest is alive again and reveals its true beauty.
It is the time that the forest shows itself off at its best. The forest is abundant with bamboo shoots,
mushrooms and wild plants and berries which are edible. Wild flowers in various bright colors appear to
the eye of the beholder as if one is walking through a heavenly garden. The difficulties of this season is the rain, slippery and muddy trails, and a lot of insects.
The good places such as Doi Intanon, Pu Soi Dao in
the North, Pu Woa, Pha Tam in the Northeast,
Khao Yai, Pang Sida in the Central part.
It is advisable to go trekking with an experienced
ecotour company, which can suggest good places,
good service and good advice for trekking in Thailand

Thailand is famous the world over for the beauty that Nature has lavished on it, forest mountains and lush valleys, beautiful beaches and island, a plentiful array of plants and wildlife, including many rare species unique to the Kingdom.


Plants are plenty. Deciduous trees shed their leaves during the six-month dry season in the North. On high hills and tablelands, forests of pine and maple are common. Evergreen rainforests in the South range from freshwater swamp forests to thick foliage clinging to kharst outcroppings. Thailand's natural blessings include an amazing array of fruit trees, bamboo, tropical hardwoods, and about 10,000 species of flowers including the national symbol, the orchid.


Animal life has adapted in various ways to the diverse climate and terrain of Thailand. The wildlife of the North is mostly Indochinese in origin. In the South it resembles that of Malaysia and Indonesia. In Thailand's national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are many hundred species of mammals: tiger, leopards, bears, civets, tapirs, elephants, deer, monkeys.


The remarkable diversity of Thailand's flora & fauna is now preserved in 102 national parks (81 land & 21 marine), 57 wildlife sanctuaries, and 55 non-hunting areas. Most of national parks are accessible by road, charge a modest admission fee and offer simple accommodation. The park system provides a visitor with easy access to the full array of Thailand's wonders, from the northern mountain pine forests of Doi Inthanon to the dense southern rainforest of Khao Soke, and Thale Ban National Park in the border province of Satun, from the Phu Jong Nayoi forest on the Lao border in the Northeast to the dazzling coral of Ko Tarutao National Marine Park in the southwest.


- Khao Yai is a popular national park and is considered one of the best management parks in the world. It's easily for
everyone to see herds of wild elephants and barking deer there.
- Kang Krachan is Thailand's largest park where the wildlife is abundant, such as tigers, elephants, boars, wild cattle,
gibbons, hornbills, barking deer, and the Asiatic black bear.  It's also a good place for birdwatching. 
- Doi Inthanon, Thailand's tallest mountain, although small, is the most popular park in northern Thailand, and close to
Chiang Mai. This cool, rain-drenched peak supports a profusion of orchids and about 400 bird species. Over the past two decades, a sophisticated travel industry has evolved to meet the international desire to explore Thailand's natural beauty. Seeing flora & fauna should you contact qualified tour operators and TEATA is your gateway.



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