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Rafting - Canoeing - Kayaking

Kayaking/Canoeing is the eco-tourist actively par excellence, and proves the benefit of the natural approach. The quiet of this mode of tourism heightens your sense of awareness, and wildlife is not scared by your silent approach. It is also an exciting physical challenge providing an aerobic workout and tones and develops your arms, shoulders and chest.


Some of the most spectacular sites for sea kayaking/canoeing are around Krabi, and the island of Phuket and Phang-Nga Bay. If you are looking for the trip that combines both breathtaking tropical islands with thick verdant jungle coupled with amazing underwater scenery, Tarutao National Park is your absolute best option. If you crave a refreshing alternative to the standard group tour, visit the islands of Trang with some of our TEATA members. These islands, south of crowded Krabi, offer off-the-beaten path island hopping. The most alluring way to visit these islands is by kayak. If watching a wide variety of exotic birds and other animals is a high priority for you, the Khao Soke National Park kayaking tour is just the ticket. It is the ultimate wildlife sanctuary in southern Thailand.

Kayak/Canoe expeditions are running all year-round, although the rains from June to October can inhabit operations. There is no age limit for participation, but travelers should be able to swim.

Thailand is a tropical country that boasts of its luscious rainforest, and the mountain streams running through the forests in all regions. These streams diverse their courses through the forest, some part so wild they become rapid and at some point, become mild and gentle stream. Rafting along these streams provides excitement while going through the fierce rapids and more relaxing time while the water slows down to a leisure pace that rafters can rest their arms and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest along the water way. Tropical forests reveal their astonishing beauty and wonder. These are the places visitors can see wild floras and plants and towering trees of diverse types trying to force their way up to the sky to reach the sun, the great botanical diversity all in one place. In these rich tropical forests, visitors can also see colorful wild flowers in strange shapes, hear the calls of gibbons from afar, see a bright colored kingfisher along the stream waiting to catch fishes. On some trees, there were hundreds of wild beehives hanging on the twigs, just like a natural condominium. While gliding along the stream on a smooth ride, visitors can sometimes spot a big flock of hornbills flying pass by making loud noises over one's head.

Visitors can experience the charm and treasure of tropical rain forests in all regions of Thailand. The important thing to know is that rafting in each water varies in difficulty, from easy level (class 1-2), moderate level (class 3-4) to the hard level (class 4-5). In some water, it takes only one hour, while in other, it may take days. In some water, visitors require 3 days to complete the trip with 2-night camping in the forest. Persons who are interested in trying or joining the rafting trip in Thailand should consult the table below as guideline for choosing the area suitable for their physical fitness, skill or their tour itinerary. Enjoy your trip.

Easy Level

River Province Class Time
Mae Lamao Tak 1-2 2 hours
Mae Nam Noi Kanchanaburi 1-2 2 hours
Pong Nam Ron Chantaburi 2+ 1 hour
Mae Chaem (Ob Luang Long Bridge-KM10) Chiang Mai 2+ 1 hour
Mae Taeng (Pang Mu- Sobkai Village) Chiang Mai 2+ 4 hours  

Moderate Level

Klong Yan (Kaeng Krung) Suratthani 3 6 hours
Klong Gly (Kung Ching) Nakorn Srithammarat 3 3 hours
Nam Wah (Nam Pu - Haad Rai Village) Nan 3+ 5 hours
Nam Petch Petchburi 3+ 3 days
Nam Pai Mae Hong Son 3+ 2 hours
Ton Pariwat Phang-nga 3+ 1 1/2 hours
Mae Taeng (south of Pang Koh Village - concrete bridge) Chiang Mai 3+ 1 1/2 hours
Nam Keg Pisanulok 3+ 3 hours
Nam Mae Klong (Te Lo Re) Tak 3+ 2 days
Sai Yai (Kang Hin Poeng) Prachinburi 3-4 2 hours

Experienced Level

Nam Wah (Sobmang-Mae Jarim Districts) Nan 4-5 3 days
Mae Taeng (Pang Koh) Chiang Mai 4+

1 hour

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