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Health & Meditation

People on the earth today are looking for a new alternative of health care and quality of life which actually is not new at all. It is not new for the reason that in that we simply have placed our hope on the modern science of medicine and totally reject the traditional medicine practice. It is no wrong for us to do that yet it is not right that we overlook the old fundamental way of life. In fact the learning and development process of the mankind has been time and again flowing into just one intellectual stream from one generation to another. People repeatedly gain the knowledge of life through a trial and error experiment from themselves, animals, plant and natural environment until they eventually find a fact about the living mankind.


In this land is where we see our Thai ancient living and laying a solid ground of the Thai way of life for a perpetual period of time. The heritage has been preserved and passed on to the one after another generation. We possess our own language, culture and way of living. We have our own food recipe, a great variety of fruits. In term of medical treatment, we are capable of the healing through Thai traditional medicine, Thai massage and body exercise. Most of all we heed the precepts of the Lord Buddha. It is through Buddhism that we can continue to development body and mind without end to achieve a quality of mind so that we can live in this world full of wisdom.

Life consists of 2 parts : body and mind. Our body exists and depends on food, clothing, shelter, medicine and other amenities. These factors support and balance the function of our organic movement through gestures of standing, walking, sitting and lying in our daily life. Yet no matter how we treat our body, our life is changing all the time and the body keeps on becoming old, ill, decaying and dying at the end. This is simply the law of nature. Our mind exists and forms a current of cognition, sensation, attention and consideration. It is the mind that creates a human trait. In addition to keep itself functioning, the mind also control the function of the body. The mind is always the master of the body. All beings in this world always desire happiness and deny unhappiness. Yet suffering is a never-ending story that is repeatedly told and heard of. This leads to the fact that happiness can only be achieved through the wholesome action.

To develop a quality of life through Thai wisdom is to bring our body and mind to a process of living right close to nature. This is the way we can gain the happiness simple through an ordinary life. Only when we are happy can we share our happiness with others. The mind development program consists of Buddhist meditation practice to gain strength though and true wisdom. The body development program consists of herbal food and drink intake, body exercise, Yoga, Tai Chi, body massage, reflexology, herbal sauna and aroma therapy together with other practice with a relaxation in the fresh and natural atmosphere Everybody of life can participate in Health and Buddhist Meditation tours our TEATA members arrange. We can arrange to practice body exercise and meditation in a hotel, resort, hospital, business organization and temple throughout the country go suit your requirement.

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