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Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA)
Committee Members 2015
No. Title Name - Last Name Position Company Telephone No. E-Mail
1 Mrs. Duangkamol Chansuriyawong President Wild Thailand 081-666-1798
2 Miss Sripijit Termchaijareonsak Vice President Thai Sea Frog 081-894-1935
3 Mrs. Supaporn Prach-Umpai Vice President Royal Silk Holiday 081-831-6455 ,
4 Miss Pimrumpai Panvichatikul Secretary General Pakasai Garden Home Co.Ltd. 095-796-6444
5 Miss Suwimol Ngamsriviroj Treasurer River Kwai Floatel 081-827-5784
6 Mr. Srawuth Kweikkutant Public Relations Baiyoke Group  080-772-8882
7 Miss Krittika Phiwkliang Receptionist Oriental Voyage 083-810-5843
8 Mr. Wanchai Suwatsiripon Registrar Noble Truth Travel 089-117-3199
9 Mr. Phaopipat Charoenpak Committee Sarika Travel 089-744-7995
10 Miss Oranooch Pakarat Committee Intra Mekong 081-839-2452
11 Miss Parichat Suntararak Committee Thailand Green Rides 081-318-3561
12 Miss Neeracha Wongmasa Committee Phunacome Resort 081-921-8683
13 Mr. Nipatpong Chuanchuen Committee TKT Eco Tour 081-762-1898
14 Mrs. Saichalee Varnapruk Director   084-733-1441
สมาคมไทยท่องเที่ยวเชิงอนุรักษ์และผจญภัย (สทอ.)
รายชื่อกรรมการ ปี 2558
No. ชื่อ-นามสกุล กรรมการ ตำแหน่ง บริษัท เบอร์โทร E-Mail
1 นางดวงกมล จันสุรยิวงศ์ นายกสมาคมฯ ไวลด์ ไทยแลนด์ 081-666-1798
2 นางสาวศรีพิจิตต์ เติมชัยเจริญศักดิ์ อุปนายก 1 มนุษย์กบไทย 081-894-1935
3 นางสุภาภรณ์ ปราชญอำไพ อุปนายก 2 รอยัลซิลค์ ฮอลิเดย์  081-831-6455 ,
4 นางสาวพิมพ์รำไพ พันธ์วิชาติกุล เลขาสมาคมฯ บ้านสวนปกาสัย 095-796-6444
5 นางสาวสุวิมล  งามศรีวิโรจน์ เหรัญญิก ริเวอร์แคว โฟลเตล 081-827-5784
6 นายศราวุทธ์ เกวียกกุทัณฑ์ ประชาสัมพันธ์ กลุ่มใบหยก 080-772-8882
7 นางสาวกฤติกา ผิวเกลี้ยง ปฏิคม ออเรียนทัล วอยาจ 083-810-5843
8 นายวันชัย สุวัฒน์ศิริพล นายทะเบียน โนเบิล ทรูธ ทราเวล 089-117-3199
9 นายเผ่าพิพัธ  เจริญพักตร์ กรรมการ สาริกา ทราเวล 089-744-7995
10 นางสาวอรนุช ผการัตน์ กรรมการ อินทรา แม่โขง 081-839-2452
11 นางสาวปาริชาต สุนทรารักษ์ กรรมการ ไทยแลนด์ กรีน ไรด์ 081-318-3561
12 นางสาวนีรชา วงษ์มาศา กรรมการ ภูนาคำ รีสอร์ท 081-921-8683
13 นายนิพัทธ์พงษ ชวนชื่น กรรมการ ทีเคที อีโคทัวร์ 081-762-1898
14 นางสายชลี  วรรณพฤกษ์ ผู้อำนวยการสมาคม   084-733-1441

Organisation structure of the TEATA Committee

Chaired by the president, the association has a board committee that includes two vice presidents, and 10 committees. The executive committee including the chairperson is elected every two years by its members. Apart from the board committee, the association also has four working groups to work on specific topics that need professional knowledge and experience as follows; Marketing, Special activity, Academic issues and Financial sustainability.

Committee (Year 2015-2017)

Mrs. Duangkamol Chansuriyawong

Duangkamol is the co-founder of TEATA which was established in 1997. Since then she has been a big driven force for developing and promoting sustainable tourism in Thailand.

This is the second time Duangkamol was elected the President of TEATA. Her first term was from 2008 to 2011 and during the term she also acted as a Project Director of CSR-MAP Project (2009-2011). CSR-MAP is a project focuses on developing sustainable tourism standards and programs for EU market and it won the 2011 PATA Gold Awards in Education & Training Category. It results in the positive impact on Thailand tourism industry as a whole and it also a model for developing sustainable tourism standards & programs in Thailand.
  Duangkamol has long been involved with tourism. Her experience in tourism begun in 1984 when she was persuaded by her friend to work as an information officer of the Cultural & Tourist Information Center, Alternative Tour Thailand Office. Her first job was to write articles covering Thai culture and people ways of life. Articles she wrote are such “Food and Thai Ways of Life”, “Village Life”, “Urban Life”, “Pak Klong Talad: Life & Its role”, “Life at Klong Bangkok Noi”, “The Life of Thai Farmers in I-San”, “ Buddhism Approach to Village Development Work”, etc. Some of these articles were distributed to broadcast in the “South-North Studio Zurich” in Switzerland for promotion. Her experience in tour management began in 1995. Using her common sense she created tour programs by combining at least a local village into the program with the hope that the tourism money will reach the poor people, who really need it. All programs are composed of 3 elements, nature; local culture; and adventure. And it’s amazing when she learns from visitor evaluation that the most impression on them is “the village”. She is very happy about this fact. She now works for Wild Thailand, a tour operator specialising in community-based, responsible and green tourism by combining at least one CBT experience in every possible program.  
  Vice President
Miss.Sripijit T.Jaroensak
(Sea Frog)

She spent thousands of hours above and below water. Upon discovering that the diving was much better, she decided to quit her job and set up a dive center in Bangkok and Phi Phi Island with her friends in 1986. Times have changed but Sea Frog Diving is still much to be saved and savored by those her nurtured.
  Vice President 2
Mrs.Supaporm Prach-Umpai
 (Royal Silk Holidays)

Started my activity as a nature conservationist since my high school time over 30 years ago, its my great pleasure to have a chance nowadays to work actively as a committee members of TEATA and to share my passion with all members. We all agree that tourism has brought not only benefits to our society but also negative impacts to our nature, culture and life style. Therefore, it is time that stakeholders in tourism society help impede these impacts and foster sustainable tourism in our country.

As an inbound tour operator, we play a great role in developing responsible tourism products and promote them as options to the travelers, at the same time to work closely with the destinations or communities in developing the programs under the ecotourism concepts. Even though it seems that our activities are just small drops of water in a big tourism main stream, we believe that these small drops can create an oasis for the thirsty travelers who seek for meaningful holidays.
    Secretary General
Pimrumpai Panvichatikul
 (Islanda Eco Village Resort)

Having earned her Ph.D. in Development Administration, Pimrumpai started her career as an academic NGO and social researcher, with special interests in Good Governance, Gender, and Community Development. As the second generation of Markrabi Group that manages 4 resorts in Krabi for more than 20 years, Pimrumpai has recently involved in her family business as the Director of Islanda Eco Village Resort, a small resort in Klang Island. She has a clear vision on how tourism business could develop in line with natural and social sustainability, and passionately works towards that goal.
Ms.Suwimol Ngamsiviroj
 (River Kwai Floatel)

 Ms. Suwimol Ngamsriviroj presently is The Treasurer  of TEATA , she has joined working with TEATA since 2000 and would like to encourage all members participate monthly meeting so that we can gain good experience and improve own vision for development.

Personal experience working on hotel industry since 1986 with The River Kwai Floatel (The original in 1976) where is quite reputation for Oversea & Thai customer focused on sustainable & community tourism until The River Kwai Floatel has expanded on hotel investment and develop for marketing brand as SERENATA HOTELS & RESORTS Comprises of 15 hotels where provide distinctive accommodation in unique location throughout Thailand.
    Public Relations
Mr. Srawuth Kweikkutant
(Baiyoke Group)

My experience in hotel business could be traced back to 1978, I have been working in this hospitable industry in various towns of major tourist popularity, Chiangmai, Bangkok, Cha Am, Hua Hin and I am currently working at the Baiyoke Group of Hotels at the position of Senior Group Director of Sales & Marketing and have joined the TEATA 2-3 years ago with the reason that most members are the business counterparts. However, after these few years of being with the association, I have realized that TEATA is very unity, full of creation and ideology.

The Committes are very attentive and sacrificial with the magnificent knowledge and capability and wholeheartedly push the progress of the association ahead especially the Thai Ecotourism to the world. I have a lot more to learn from all members and shall serve my best possible afford to the association.
Krittika Phiwkliang
(Oriental Voyage)

My company and I joined TEATA because we believed that TEATA mostly meets our tourism philosophy in concerning about CBT (Community Based Tourism), nature, and environment. I do not think, as a part of the committee, I can change Thai tourism to be “green” in my 2 years term. But, at least I can share and contribute my knowledge and experiences in managerial skills as well as tour guiding skills. As I had been working in import and export industry since 1991 – 2000, took tour guiding as a part time from 2001-2002, and until finally had been a full time tour guide since 2002 – early 2011. My inspiration about being an eco-tour guide aroused when I received many trainings arranged by TEATA and other concerned parties such as, EU, ECEAT, TAT, Green Leaf Foundation, CBT-I, Travel Life, and etc.

With many years of theoretical trainings, workshops, on-site trainings, site visits, feasibility studies, and implementations, I may not be the best in the field but with my professional integrity, I will try my best to help contributing to “The Greener Thailand”, or "Sustainable Tourism in Thailand".
Mr. Wanchai Suwatsiripon
(Noble Truth Travel)

Position: founder and owner of Noble Truth Travel Through the years of working as a laboratory technician in government hospitals, he has been travelling in eco and adventure styles for years plus his spirit in volunteering in various fields. And since 2005, he has set up a homestay networking include his own house as a homestay base. And in 2009, he has started his Social Enterprise business name “Noble Truth Travel” that the growth margin is counted by the happiness of people that involve in the travelling lines of customers. The trip concept is trips for slow-travelers and to gain Local Insight Experiences Ways of operation Using Slow Travel concept rotate the visits among various travelers – not to repeat the same places too often. E-dossiers SMS to notify next day program Offer refilled bottle for drinking while travelling Garbage collection practice Local knowledge through local guides, villagers, etc. Encourage expenses directly to local shops Aware of how your money benefits local people and communities.
Mr. Phaopipat Charoenpak
(Sarika Travel)

Phaopipat Charoenpak As a young entrepreneur who started Sarika Travel, a small travel company 10 years ago and joined TEATA, has now become the CEO of Koh Talu Island Resort. A strong belief in Eco Tourism and intention to bring sustainability to the Gulf of Thailand, he also takes his role as a secretary of the Siam Marine Habilitation Foundation to conserve the Bang Saphan bay's marine sanctuary and Talu island by coordinating with local fishery community. Phaopipat believes that once the country had opened the door in an international level, it is critical to take every possible ways to run a tourism business environmentally-friendlily and as a result,
Ms. Parichat Suntararak,
(Thailand Green Rides)

After taking cycling as a recreational weekend activity for more than 10 years, I realized that I should share this very delightful way of seeing Thailand to visitors therefore in 2008 I decided to start up Thailand Green Rides. Cycling is one of the best ways to get close to locals and realize their lifestyles adding to the fact that it is one of the best ways to protect the environment as well as to decrease gasoline consumption. Since 2013, Thailand Green Rides added broader choices of eco-friendly and sustainable tour activities to its list such as cultural and local insight, walking tour, nature and wildlife. Our company first joined TEATA as an ordinary member to learn more about sustainable tourism. Now, I decided to put in more by joining a committee of TEATA with hope to help raise awareness on eco and sustainable tourism in Thailand.
Miss. Neeracha Wongmasa
(Phunacome Resort)

Dedication to sustainable tourism is what I aim to do in our tourism industry. Having brought all long time travel experiences in most rare destinations more than half of the world, I decided to join TEATA committee members to contribute what I can do to promote the eco-tourism segment in Thailand. Beside my travel agent and tour operator business, I am also running a green boutique property named “Phunacome Resort”, where we simplify our life in self-economy sufficient way of living from our greatest King Bhumipol. Here, we believe in the harmony of living with nature and community with our highest respectful manner. We are also proud to have won many awards, such as an Asean Green Hotel Award 2012-2014, Thailand Energy Awards 2014, Thailand Tourism Awards 2013, Green Leaf Awards Program 2012.
Nipatpong Chuanchuen
(T.K.T. Eco Tour)

He is very simple man and very loving to nature and trekking.Because of his passion,he resigned from electrical engineer to be Ecotour operator since 2000.Now he is owner of awarded winning tour - TKT Ecotour,website for Thai nature lover-,Camping gear store-TKT adventure and All things to learn about nature store - Lichen naturalist shop (Social Enterprise).He is volunteer in many projects and clubs such as nature conservancy club,Ton-Kla Nakorn Nayok youth club.He beleive that everything in this world are connected and every bad action of human kind will lead to the end of the world if we're not respect to mother earth.
  TEATA Director.
Saichalee Varnapruk

BA Chulalongkorn University ,MA (Social Development) NIDA-National Institute of Development Administration. Based on personal interest in healthcare/alternative medicine, taken further study in the area of oriental philosophy at the Australian Macrobiotic School, Sydney during term as a deputy director in TAT Sydney Office(Tourism Authority of Thailand Sydney Office). Learned and collected various experiences through ecotourism practice in Australia/New Zealand. Initiated the expansion of Korean Market to Thailand during IMF years. Tourism researchers for various studies ie. Pattaya Master Plan( Pattay: Greennovative City). With 2 tourism marketing awards presented: Best TAT personnel 2003 ,and Travel Business Person of the Year 2003 in Korea.


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