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Nature Lodges - living near by the future

Thailand is the land abundant with nature and cultural resources. This makes Thailand a rich country for tourism in cultural or nature contexts, festivals and activities which attract a great number of tourists both Thais and foreigners each year.

What becomes evident is that more tourists in the present days are more concern with environmental conservation and this reflects in the way tourists choose their tour itinerary, activities and even lodging. They now prefer lodgings, which blend harmoniously with nature or which reflect the culture and local ways of living such as a nature resort and eco-lodge.

There are more and increasing lodging of this kind in all regions of Thailand. They range from the simple and clean lodging, to a more convenience of middle-sized lodging.

The tourists who prefer this kind of lodging are not only the budget tourists but also those who have more to spend but who care for environment. They are people who believe that environmental conservation is not the responsibility of any particular person but by all and they can contribute something to the earth, to the country of their tour destination while enjoying their vacations.

Some of TEATA members set up nature resorts/eco-lodges in many parts of Thailand offer to eco-tourists and nature lovers such as Resotel/Jungle Raft and Legacy in Kanchanaburi, Country Lake in Uthai Thani, Hmong Lodge and Lisu Lodge in Chiang Mai, Khao Kor Thale Phu Resort in Petchabun, Utayan Bajiang Champasak, an eco-lodge in Bajiang National Park, southern Laos, as well as beach eco-lodge whose style is created to blend with nature as Golden Buddha Beach Resort in Phra Thong Island, Coral Hotel in Bang Saphan, Prachuap Kirikan, etc.

TEATA members offering Nature Lodges:



Beluga Schools for Life Charity Travel GmbH
Beluga School for Life Charity Travel


Nature Trek Co.,Ltd.
Back to Nature by Nature Lover

Asian Oasis Co., Ltd.
Asian Oasis Co., Ltd.


Country Lake
Home For Nature Lovers

River Kwai Floatel Co., Ltd.

Pa Ngam Adventure Town
Pa Ngam Mountain Lodge & Adventure Town

Islanda Eco Village Resort‎
177 Moo 3 T.Klongprasong A. MuangKrabi 81000
Tel :  08 9616 2333, 08 9614 2333


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